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Eden's Mission

Earth’s scientists have been searching Space for new resources to sustain the ever-growing needs of humankind. They chose Eden, the best among astronauts, to travel through a wormhole into an unknown expanse, where no human had been before. Inside a thick nebula, Eden located a planet teeming with life. And set his course straight for it. With no experience of alien worlds and no knowledge of what to expect, he crash-landed into a bizarre and unfamiliar landscape…

Our part of the mission

hi vis jacket with giving tree logo

Single use plastic - Zero Tolerance

Not necessary, Not Needed, Not Here

The Iconic Cup

Upon arrival on Taika, the planet of The Giving Tree, each guest is greeted with a gift. A gift you can carry with you on your journey to the bar and keep as a warm memory of your extraterrestrial experience in our world.

Sustainable build, management and recycling processes

Upcycle⁠, Repurpose⁠, Recycle⁠, Reuse⁠: Our design and build teams take these words and concepts very seriously. The events industry is very wasteful, and TGT HQ aim to find, develop and create the beautiful world of The Giving Tree, with maximum focus on sustainability. 

We Upcycle old events props and sets 

Repurpose used elements from life on earth to create our productions

Recycle all of the waste from the event - and only use subcontractors who share our values of sustainability, and fit our mould.

Reuse all we can, to further our journey, including learning from our mistakes