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Tucked away in a far corner of an unknown, undiscovered galaxy is a beautiful planet, called Taika. Life on Taika started from a single cosmic seed. Earth and water merged with this seed in synergistic harmony, and formed a giant tree. And from the seed of this tree life spread across the planet. All creation on Taika stems from the Mother Tree. It is the heart of the planet, the beginning and the end of the Taikan life cycle. The Tree not only provides food and shelter to all living beings, it also heals, soothes, protects, nurtures, and holds all the Taikan memories. All important rituals and gatherings are held under the tree. Taikans know it  as The Giving Tree for it is their source of wisdom and inspiration, and always knows what is needed.

Meet the Tribes

nature tribe leader

Bamba Tua - Tribe of Ancient Nature

The Bamba Tua tribe were the first sentient beings on Taika, born from the branches of The Giving Tree. Half plant and half humanoid, they walk the ground as a medium between the plant and animal kingdoms. They are the protectors of nature and the direct link between the tribes and the wisdom of The Giving Tree. If any being begins to lose touch with nature, the Bamba Tua help them reconnect.
music tribe leader

The Karnaki - Tribe of Sound & Vibration

The second tribe to follow the Bamba Tua were the Karnaki. Raised by the Mother Tree from the vibration of the planet itself, their insect-like bodies merged with the branches to form the instruments they use to communicate. The Karnaki are the harmony, the music, and the magic of Taika. They possess the power to bring souls together in true harmony. They are the voice of The Giving Tree and all living beings on the planet.
dance tribe leader

The La Wua Wi - Tribe of Dance

The youngest children of the Giving Tree are the La Wua Wi. They are the joy and the playfulness of Taika. If the Karnaki tribe are the voice of the planet, the La Wua Wi are the expression. Their snake-like limbs move fluidly through space in a continuous transcendental dance, allowing them to communicate with the divine, nature, and all living creatures. They were born to fill life on the planet with joy. The La Wua Wi Tribe’s purpose is to help souls ascend, and unleash their full creative force!